Frequently asked questions

We’ve got answers not only to your Wishes but to your Questions too.


Not only support, buddy, but whole lot of love! We provide several channels you could reach us including most popular social media platforms. You could always call us on mobile +63917-9888-015 or landline (02)714-9640 too and we’re always ready to listen.

We currently only accept payments via PayPal. Should you wish to pay via a credit or debit card, you could simply link it to your own PayPal account. We will be integrating PisoPalit Payment Gateway soon as well so we’ll surely keep you posted.

Yes, our * subdomain is FREE for life for as long as your subscription with us is active. In fact, even when your subscription expires – you can still enjoy your site for an extended period of 1 month.

For sure, perhaps you are only subscribing for a staging or sandbox account, your best bet is to go for our Developer Package. We offer a free * subdomain too so just adding your own or any available subdomain would work. In all cases, you could access your hosting service via an IP address assigned to your account.


Live Chat

See that little stalker on your lower left? It’s just live chat trailing you. Bothered by some queries, petty or otherwise? Give it a try.

Support Tickets

We’d love to close your tickets with a smile. We provide you a basic ticketing system on your dashboard for quick support notification.

24X7 Call Center

You could always call us at +63917-9888-015 for mobile or (02) 714-9640 for landline (Metro Manila)

Social Media

Like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. We’d love to connect with you on linkedin too!